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  • The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects –
    “things”- that are embedded with sensors, software, and other
    technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with
    other devices and systems over the internet
  • Advancement of IoT devices as a proactive and preventative approach
    vs. the traditional reactionary model
    ○ Improve operational efficiencies
    ○ Remediation services as needed
    ○ Install, Monitor, Triage, and Deploy
  • Developing safer, smarter, and greener buildings and organizations


  • Kitchens are fast-paced and chaotic. The perfect stressful environment to drop the ball on compliance monitoring. You need a system with real time data that keeps customers safe and relieves the weight of
    constant monitoring from your staff. With Fastek you can check your systems from anywhere, anytime.
  • Food safety concerns
    ○ CDC estimates that 48 million people get sick from a foodborne illness
    ■ 128,000 are hospitalized
    ■ 3,000 die per year
  • Reputation management concerns
    ○ Restaurants that have a food safety public event see a 30%-40% decline
    in revenue for 2 to 3 years


  • Implementing a proactive remediation and equipment monitoring solution can save your organization time and money. Asset tracking and ensuring a safe work environment for your employees are also the benefits you can implement by partnering with Fastek.
  • Difficulty in implementing effective maintenance management of equipment
  • Hospitality and Hotel Worker Safety Issues
    ○ 90% of hotel housekeepers are female, and face a high level of violence and sexual assault. Panic button technology can improve worker safety.


  • Operational inefficiencies combined with difficulty in implementing effective maintenance management of medical equipment can lead to potential patient harm as well as shorter equipment life cycles. Allow Fastek to become your real-time asset management and patient monitoring system partner.

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