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David Miller

About COO

Meet David Miller, an entrepreneur for most of his life.

In 2001, David founded DiverseNet, a leading International Technology Deployment and Support company. DiverseNet has had the pleasure of serving some of the biggest brands in the world like McDonalds, Burger King, Walmart, LIDS, Samsung, 7 Eleven, Dollar General and more.

David loves to empower his staff to stretch from their comfort zones, be autonomous and accountable so that they succeed in their roles and find opportunities for personal and professional growth.

David can often be heard saying “Do More, Be More, Serve More” and “100% Communication, 100% of the Time” around the office.

As a teenager, David could be found mowing yards and valet parking cars for his two professional service companies. He learned at an early age about the importance of hard work, the impact of good service and the lifetime value of a client

David is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, is the proud father of three and proud stepfather of two. He is an avid golfer, loves traveling, binging TV shows, bourbon, and the Kentucky Derby

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