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Fastek is a tech-enabled services company that specializes in using sensor technology to automate manual tasks. which helps overcome labor shortages while delivering significant operational efficiencies and measurable cost-savings.

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Six Problems

With continued staffing challenges, we see the opportunity to solve manual process problems with sensor technology increasing efficiencies, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing operational costs.

Operational Inefficiencies

  • • How many times per day do employees complete temperature checks?
  • • Average 30 minutes per check x 4 checks per day for 360 days per year at $15.30/hr = $30.60 per day in lost time per location which equals $11,016 per year in lost time per location.

Significant Labor Shortages

  • • The National Restaurant Association found that 77% of operators said their restaurant did not have enough employees to support existing customer demand; Fastek's automation solutions helps owners/operators do more with less staff.

Food Safety Issues

  • • The CDC estimates that 48 million people get sick from food borne illness annually: 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die.
  • • Food health safety scares can cost a restaurant up to $400K per location.

Reputation Management Concerns

  • • Restaurants that have a food safety public event see a 30-40% decline in revenue for 2-3 years.
  • • Protect your business from going out of business.
  • • Stop worrying about the health inspector by sharing your dashboard access with them for real-time updates and satisfying documentation requirements.

Difficulty with Equipment Maintenance Management

  • • What would it mean to your bottom line to be able to get 1-2 more years of service from your equipment?
  • • Fastek preventive maintenance solutions can save you up to $40K per location per year on unexpected HVAC equipment failures.

Hospitality and Hotel Worker Safety Issues

  • • According to OSHA, 90% of hotel housekeepers are female and face a high level of violence and sexual harassment; this can be remedied through wearable badge sensor technology. Unsafe working conditions lead to staffing shortages and potential lawsuits, thus impacting customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and profitability.


  • We take best-in-class IoT sensors from various manufacturers to design a customized solution specific to each client.
  • We can deploy anywhere in the world with our 5,000+ technicians.
  • We monitor the sensors and manage alerts.
  • We triage any break in set parameters.
  • We remediate the issue by dispatching the appropriate service provider.

Design, Install, Monitor, Manage, Triage, Deploy and Remediate:

Fastek and it’s partners have over 30 years of tech adoption experience and have completed over 100,000 installations.


“The IoT device recommendations and wrap-around services provided by Fastek have been instrumental in helping Bella Pizzeria operate more efficiently. The real-time food temperature monitoring ensures that we are providing the best possible product and experience for all of our customers. In addition, the HVAC preventative maintenance solution will be a real benefit to my bottom line.”

Jay Kim

CEO with Bella Pizzeria