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The Fastek Solution

Kitchens are fast-paced and chaotic.  The perfect stressful environment to drop the ball on compliance monitoring. You need a system with real time data that keeps customers safe and relieves the weight of constant monitoring from your staff. No more police and punish, just proactive compliance through transparency. With Fastek you can check your systems from anywhere, anytime. 

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) devices are physical objects designed to interact with the real world in some way. The device might be a sensor on an assembly line or an intelligent security camera. In either case, the device is sensing what’s happening in the physical world.

IoT technology is a powerful tool that can improve efficiency of restaurants providing enhanced customer experiences. One of its greatest potential lies in its ability to safely monitor food preparation and production.

Live data makes it possible to closely monitor food safety data points, allowing restaurants to reduce the risks of food-borne illness outbreaks through enhanced data collection and automated reporting.

IoT can help companies reduce waste, keep more effective records, and analyze more data for improved operations.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing is about reaching out to customers based on the accurate position and not a virtual geofence. This makes the communication more contextual and personalized.

Proximity marketing refers to communicating with customers at the right place, the right time and with highly relevant and personalized messages, on their smartphones – be it greeting at the entry points, special offers in the store aisles, or getting feedback on a new product.

Beacons are proving crucial to help retailers drive foot traffic to their stores, increase conversion rates and sales volume

Beacons can also help retailers track users behaviors and collect relevant data about users preferences and actions. This data is a powerful source of information for retailers because they can use it to re-target customers with even more personalized campaigns.

Machine-Learning &
Facial Recognition

In 2019, The AI market was valued at 18.3 billion USD. According to Statista Digital Economy Compass, it is also predicted to grow even more in the following years. One of the most rapidly developing AI technologies, besides being among the most controversial ones, is facial recognition. Detect human faces including machine learning-based predictions of visual age, gender, attention, and emotion. 

Machine learning algorithms learn from data to solve problems that are too complex to solve with conventional programming. Machine Learning involves the programming of algorithms that can learn from themselves and even make their own predictions. At Fastek we bring the future to your business. 

Ditch the clipboard.

Still using paper? With accurate updates on temperatures in your kitchen, restaurant owners can easily monitor and ensure that food is stored at the appropriate temperature around the clock.  be immediately alerted if a power issue causes temperatures to change. With Fastek we take the guesswork  out of being safe. By utilizing Fastek’s mobile strategy, operators can digitize all manual aspects of their HACCP processes, add photos to document issues, and leverage that data to take corrective actions. 

Temperature Monitoring


With easy to install wireless temperature sensors, foodservice operators will be comfortable knowing that precise temperature data is available at any time. Hot or cold, monitoring both refrigeration and food warming equipment is easy and accessible, with real-time alerts and exception reports pushed to the operator. Fastek monitors food preparation stations, buffet stations, Stand alone refrigerators, and freezers. 


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